Staying Sane


I was supposed to leave at 8 this morning on a flight out to Santa Clara for a face-to-face with the Intel PR team. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans for me. Thanks to the excessive fog surrounding the Hillsboro airport, it’s almost 10 and our plane hasn’t even arrived in Hillsboro yet. Consequently, myself and my manager ended up having to bag the flight and call-in for the meeting instead of seeing everyone in person. At the moment I’m finishing up a document for Intel and simultaneously writing this blog post, as I wait for the meeting to start at 11. It’s a pretty big bummer, as I was looking forward to seeing everyone and undoubtedly having a better/ more interactive meeting experience if I was there in person, rather than on the phone. But it’ll be okay, I’m used to phone meetings by now.

On another note… With my internship at Intel wrapping up, and college graduation only four short weeks away, I’m preparing myself for quite a few upcoming life changes. I’m finding myself in mild panic mode as I realize the real world and “adulthood” are creeping up on me faster than I ever expected them to. Although I’m looking into job prospects, nothing is set in stone just yet. An uncertain future is exciting, but it’s also very scary.

These are a few things keeping me sane right now

Apartment therapy.

When you’ve just recently moved into your first “grownup place,” like I have, there’s always something to do. Recently, I organized my desk. Next on my to-do list? Creating a makeup organizational system, cleaning out my closet, and decorating for Christmas/Hanukkah (much like I did for Halloween).


For me, writing is a MAJOR stress reliever. I used to keep a diary, but ever since I discovered blogging, I’ve been a convert. I’m a pretty open person and I enjoy letting people into my life, talking, giving advice, and swapping stories.

Happy hour/ girl time.

Consistently since last summer, I’ve been attending Tuesday happy hours all over Portland with some of my PR girlfriends and some of my guy friends from childhood. You can read about it here.


My boyfriend is amazing. I can be a little crazy at times and he keeps me grounded. I love you, Carter!

Staying busy.

Although my internship at Intel is almost over, it’s not over yet. I still have a couple of projects to finish up and I plan to finish strong. This means staying dedicated and focused, which in turn helps to keep my mind off other things that can be stressful.

So there you have it. Everyone gets a little stressed out at some point in their lives. What keeps you sane?


One Response to “Staying Sane”

  1. I’m glad you are finding things to keep you sane, since you definitely seem to need it :) I for one do not know what I would do without Tuesday happy hours!

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